Your old mobile phone may not be valuable to you, but it is to Sustainable Coastlines.

Us Kiwis love our water – we love catching waves at the beach, skiing on the lake and popping manus into the river – so it is vital that we protect our water so it is remains safe for us to swim in.

Recycling your unwanted mobile phones with RE:MOBILE will raise money to continue the great work Sustainable Coastlines is doing to protect our waterways and keep our beaches clean.

All mobile phones that are donated to RE:MOBILE are either refurbished for reuse or recycled for parts. For every phone recycled with RE:MOBILE, money is donated to Sustainable Coastlines.

The amount of money earned by each phone varies due to a number of factors including the type of phone, the age and condition of it, and whether it is recycled or refurbished.

The money raised by donating your mobile phone to RE:MOBILE funds riparian planting projects where native trees and plants are planted alongside rivers and lakes to help nutrients, slow sediment runoff and stop chemicals from entering the water, all which help to improve the water quality. The trees also help to reduce erosion and increases the habitat for native birds and other species.

“We are thrilled to be RE:MOBILE’s charity partner,” said Sam Judd, Sustainable Coastlines co-founder.

“Donating your unwanted mobile phone to RE:MOBILE is a win-win situation. Not only does recycling your mobile phone keep it from ending up in landfill, it also raises money for Sustainable Coastlines.

“Since we partnered with RE:MOBILE in May 2016, we have planted over 10,000 trees and shrubs alongside New Zealand’s waterways with money raised by RE:MOBILE. We know most Kiwis will have an old phone or two lying around at home so we urge them to dig it out and recycle it with RE:MOBILE.”

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