Why you should recycle your mobile phone

picture of a phone with scenery

Just as recycling things like paper, plastic and aluminium is important, it is also important to recycle your mobile phone when you are no longer using it.

There are many reasons why you should recycle your mobile phone:

They are harmful in landfill

If mobile phones end up in landfill there is the risk that the harmful substances inside them may leach into the surrounding land and waterways.

Safe disposal of lithium ion batteries

Mobile phones contain lithium ion batteries and these can cause fires when they end up in landfill. By recycling your mobile phone you will ensure that these batteries are disposed of safely.

To extend the life of the mobile phone

If your mobile phone still works and is in good condition, it can be refurbished and on-sold to extend the life of the phone. This reduces the demand for new handsets and the associated environmental impact of manufacturing them.

To create a circular economy

Mobile phones contain precious metals such as silver and gold, and other valuable resources. Recycling your mobile phone means that these resources can be extracted from your phone and reused again.

Raise money for Sustainable Coastlines

For every phone recycled with RE:MOBILE money is donated to New Zealand charity Sustainable Coastlines. Sustainable Coastlines plant trees alongside our waterways to restore habitats for native animals, reduce sediment and improve water quality.

When you recycle your mobile phone with RE:MOBILE over 95 percent of the materials that make up your mobile phone will be reused.