The RE:MOBILE recycling process

recycle your mobile

All phones that are donated to RE:MOBILE are sent to SwapKit in Auckland.


Swapkit sorts through the phones and divides them into two groups:

  • Phones for recycling: These are phones that don’t work, are broken or are really old.
  • Phones for refurbishment: These are phones which still work well and can be reused.
recycle your mobile


Mobile phones in working order have their data wiped from them. This is either done manually by performing a factory reset or by using the MobiCode erasing system. The phones are then sold to businesses that specialise in the re-sale of second-hand mobile phones in places such as Hong Kong, China and Eastern Europe.


Phones that are at the end of their working life are sent by our recycling partners to be broken down into components.

Over 95 percent of the materials in a mobile phone are recovered when they are recycled.




mobile phone recycling
The proceeds from selling mobile phones for recycling and refurbishment are donated to Sustainable Coastlines.
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