RE:MOBILE phone collection results


Daily collection

Mobile phones are being collected every day by RE:MOBILE across New Zealand.

Over 535,200 mobile phones

Our most recent tally showed that over 535,200 mobile phones have been collected for reuse or recycling by RE:MOBILE since 2014.


74.9 tonnes of waste diverted

That’s 74.9 tonnes of handsets that have been saved from landfill.


Reducing emissions

This means that 170.243 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions have been prevented by reducing how many mobile phones parts needed to be mined and manufactured.


Over $130,000 raised

These phones have raised over $130,000 for Sustainable Coastlines which has helped them plant over 10,000 trees and plants alongside waterways around New Zealand.



You can help!

Help us recycle more mobile phones by donating your phone to RE:MOBILE now.