Our mobile phones are very precious to us. They are usually always within arms-reach and many of us would panic if we accidentally left the house without it.

That’s until we get a new phone.

The moment we get a new phone, our old one becomes unwanted.

Most of us don’t know what to do with our old mobile phones, so we throw them into a drawer and forget about them.

Or worse yet, we throw them into our rubbish bin. But that’s a dangerous move.

One of the reasons are mobile phones are so useful to us is because they can be charged over and over again. They can do this because they contain lithium-ion batteries.

Those lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous in the wrong conditions.  

When these lithium-ion batteries are ruptured, which can happen when they are crushed or punctured, they can explode and this thermal reaction can start a fire. This won’t happen in your everyday use of your mobile phone, but it could happen when a phone is in a rubbish truck or buried in a landfill.

While fire is dangerous at the best of times, fires in landfills are particularly dangerous as they can burn all sorts of toxic materials, releasing them into the air.

Recycling your mobile phone with RE:MOBILE will ensure safe disposal do your lithium-ion batteries.

Not only will recycling your mobile phone with RE:MOBILE help prevent fires in rubbish trucks and landfills, it will also ensure that the valuable resources in your mobile phone don’t go to waste.

Find out how to recycle your mobile phone.