How many old mobile phones do you have lying around at home?

Sixty-nine percent of New Zealand households say they have at least one unconnected mobile phone. This means there is more than 1,217,919 unconnected mobile phones gathering dust in drawers and cupboards in households around New Zealand.

While some of these phones will be in working order, many of them will be dead as a doorknob, have a cracked screen or are so old that they are as big as a brick.

These phones aren’t of any use to you, but they are of use to RE:MOBILE.

RE:MOBILE is a New Zealand mobile phone recycling scheme which donates all proceeds to Sustainable Coastlines.

When you recycle your mobile phone with RE:MOBILE, over 95% of the materials in your mobile phone can be extracted and used again in other items such as jewellery and electronics. This reduces the need for new materials to be mined and manufactured. It also keeps hazardous materials out of landfill.

It’s free and easy to recycle your mobile phone with RE:MOBILE – there are over 400 drop off locations around New Zealand or you can send them to us.

Find out how to recycle your mobile phone.